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Automatic stereo Wahwah is a classic 70’s wah effect. Modelled from state of the art analog time-varying-filter. Our Flying-Wahwah offers Read more
The delay allows you to repeat the input signal periodically like an echo.It can be used subtly or intensively on Read more
LoFi effects allows you to obtain vintage aka old-school sound. Lost-Tapes effect is based on tape emulation, but do not Read more
Overused in the eighty and back to the hype more cunningly, Chorus is a very used modulation effect, by both Read more
Stereo Flying-Tremolo generates analog feel Tremolo modulation. Stereo widening effect is achieved by panning the tremolo waveform. You can switch Read more
Phaser creates smooth and subtle sweeping filter effect. Modeled from state of art time-varying-filter our effect provide you analog feel Read more
Vynil Another Feeling was founded in 2015 and released this fully acoustic recorded EP. It navigates between Soul, Funk and Read more