Flying Delay – Freeware

The delay allows you to repeat the input signal periodically like an echo.
It can be used subtly or intensively on different instruments (like guitar, vocals or keyboards.). It can simulate a very short reverb (50ms) or echo until five second.
Thanks to the Tape slider you can rise the spirit of an analog Tape delay. It also offers two filters lowpass and highpass (12dB/Octave) . As well as the essential ping-pong mode.
As usual with the Flying series it is possible to synchronize Delay time to the host tempo.


VST3     Windows x64 – Flying-Delay v0.9.5 Windows 14-January 2020

  • Control key SHA256: 992B112C473437D22138E26C783D8BCFBF253DD8F3E77A942AA32546D36A34A7

Windows x32 – Flying-Delay v0.9.5 Windows 95 1-January 2020

  • Control key SHA256: 69929267D893DD2D4C668F73C1954731F98FEF29741AF29F9D53F21906A55BD2

Linux x64 Flying-Delay v0.9.5 LinuxUbuntu 1-January 2020

  • Control key SHA256: 42310a9a51dd53324f18c098a34cd988c0dca8c3c2348e4e0b75ccdd72c40a55

Linux armV7- Flying Delay plugin (coming soon or late)

VST3 & AudioUnit

MacOs (Intel) Flying-Delay v0.9.5 Apple 14-January 2020

Control key SHA256: 1583120ee1a4aa41ddc14eb10e020341d17bb27bd75830a0e54e978dbae64c24


  • Host synchro tempo
  • Ping-pong mode
  • Fully automatable
  • Vst3 preset saving standard
  • Dry signal is not processing at all
  • Wet signal SNR >96dB
  • Wet signal Aliasing <96dB
  • Glitch free
  • Low CPU usage
  • Stereo and true mono(half cpu usage).
  • Intuitive GUI
    • Fine adjustment of the sliders (press ctrl key)
    • Resizable GUI

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