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Stereo automatic Flying Wahwah – Freeware

Automatic stereo Wahwah is a classic 70’s wah effect. Modelled from state of the art analog time-varying-filter. Our Flying-Wahwah offers you a sweet analog aliasing-free funky sound. Our free plugins offer you an triggered automatically ADSR envelope modulation source, you just have to adjust the trigger level then play. You could also use the two modulations waveforms. Stereo widening is an unique feature allowing you to create space in your mix or create dynamic stereo effect.

Wah pedal is created in 60’s, the “wah” pedal shapes frequencies, creating a sound that mimics voice’s Formant. Mainly use in Funk and P-Funk music, on guitar, bass or Electric Piano like Rhodes and Wurlitzer. The anthem of the wah pedals would probably be the Shaft theme song, written by Isaac Hayes in 1971.

But before being used electronically, the « wah » is an effect produced mechanically on the brass (mainly by trumpeters and trombonists) in Jazz. The effect is achieved through a mute, held by the instrumentist, in front of the instrument’s pavilion. The musician acts on the position of the tube while playing, which allows him to filter the sound in an expressive way.


Flying Automatic Wahwah is a frequency modulated filter generating a classic Wahwah sound.

  • You can choose between three modulation sources, ADSR or Triangle-Sawtooth waveforms.
  • Set time or frequency duration depending of the selected wawform, Adsr or periodic waveform Saw-Triangle
  • Set the signal level triggering the wah effect. If the level is too low, the effect won’t be triggered.In ADSR mode Trigger level have a high impact on expression, so try to adjust it in a funky way.
  • Set Stereo widening effect. It allows to create space in your mix while keeping balanced L-R global mix.

Hint: To fine-tune the sliders you can press the ctrl key.

Windows – Automatic Wahwah v1.7.5 Windows June 2023


Windows x32 – Automatic Wahwah v1.7.a Windows 95 11December2021


Linux x64- Automatic Wahwah v1.7.a LinuxUbuntu 11December2021



  • Stereo widening
  • Host BPM Synchro
  • Fully automatable
  • Factory Preset
  • SNR > 120dB
  • Vst3 preset saving standard
  • Low CPU usage
  • Resizable and intuitive GUI
    • Fine adjustment of the sliders (press ctrl key)
  • Operatings systems : Windows 7/8/10 – Linux 64bit – MacOs (Intel & native Apple-Sillicon)
  • Plugin format : VST3 – Audiounit
User demo

8 commentaires sur “Stereo automatic Flying Wahwah – Freeware”

  1. I would really like to try your wah app… I run Monterey on a 2020 M1.
    I don’t know how to install… do I drag the VST to the system folders mentioned? What is the .component file for?
    Apple blocks the recognition of your VST but clicking [Open Anyway] doesn’t help. I’m installing to Studio One 5 which is usually quite painless.
    Thank you.

  2. почему я не могу скачать плагин? я скачиваю архив Windows – Automatic Wahwah v1.7.5 а в нем только два текстовых файла…. как установить????????

    1. Здравствуйте, нет установщика, вам нужно скопировать и вставить файл vst3 в папку плагинов вашего хоста.

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