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Stereo automatic Flying Wahwah – Freeware

    Automatic stereo Wahwah is a classic 70’s wah effect. Modelled from state of the art analog time-varying-filter. Our Flying-Wahwah offers you a sweet analog aliasing-free funky sound. Our free plugins offer you an triggered automatically ADSR envelope modulation source, you just have to adjust the trigger level then play. You could also use the two modulations waveforms. Stereo widening is an unique feature allowing you to create space in your mix or create dynamic stereo… Lire la suite »Stereo automatic Flying Wahwah – Freeware

    Stereo Flying Tremolo – Freeware

    Stereo Flying-Tremolo generates analog feel Tremolo modulation. Stereo widening effect is achieved by panning the tremolo waveform. You can switch the Waveform to change the modulation from Triangle, Sawtooth and Square waveform. Please try the square waveform particulary efficient on Electric piano. Tremolo effect in brief: Tremolo is one of the first electric audio effect. At the beginning of the 50’s, many companies began incorporating the effect into guitar amplifier. It has also been incorporate… Lire la suite »Stereo Flying Tremolo – Freeware

    Flying Chorus – Freeware

    Overused in the eighty and back to the hype more cunningly, Chorus is a very used modulation effect, by both guitarists and keyboards players. The modulated signal is mixed with the original dry instrument to create the effect. Download VST3      Windows x64 – Flying Chorus v1.3a Hash control key SHA1: 69C6515E138D02AD4F178CC30782AE095A5CE593 Windows x32 – Flying Chorus v1.2b 21-August-2020 Hash control key SHA256: 8f80e0f725e1ab1ed7c8b3f52c9ca11db3ae39ef17bf9ec9e4fffafa5f0ba4dd Linux x64 – Flying Chorus v1.2a 01-August-2020 Linux ArmV7– Flying Chorus (coming… Lire la suite »Flying Chorus – Freeware