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Flying Chorus Stereo – Freeware

Overused in the eighty and back to the hype more cunningly, Chorus is a very used modulation effect, by both guitarists and keyboards players. The modulated signal is mixed with the original dry instrument to create the effect. Stereo widening slider is availble since versio 1.5a. Download VST3      Windows x64 – Flying Chorus v1.5b October-2022 .vst3 SHA1: 7C6813A02A5A01E2B397FCD181176EFC44F95BF9 Linux x64 – Flying Chorus v1.5a June-2022 .vst3 SHA1: F8049572868989EC04FEF1ACB8F558B201D66795 Linux ArmV7– Flying Chorus (coming soon) AudioUnit… Lire la suite »Flying Chorus Stereo – Freeware