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Flying Chorus – Freeware

Overused in the eighty and back to the hype more cunningly, Chorus is a very used modulation effect, by both guitarists and keyboards players. The modulated signal is mixed with the original dry instrument to create the effect. Download VST3      Windows x64 – Flying Chorus v1.3a Hash control key SHA1: 69C6515E138D02AD4F178CC30782AE095A5CE593 Windows x32 – Flying Chorus v1.2b 21-August-2020 Hash control key SHA256: 8f80e0f725e1ab1ed7c8b3f52c9ca11db3ae39ef17bf9ec9e4fffafa5f0ba4dd Linux x64 – Flying Chorus v1.2a 01-August-2020 Linux ArmV7– Flying Chorus (coming… Lire la suite »Flying Chorus – Freeware